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The Hoppy Trail Safari

Go on a fun filled ride, try some beers and gain a new understanding & appreciation of the flourishing craft culture here on Cape Cod

The Grape Route

Get away for the day with your pals & learn about wine through tastings and pairings for all palates


Sips & Shenanigans Irish Pub Tour

Tour Cape Cod the Irish way! Enjoy some mild debauchery and learn about Irish culture


Drag Wagon Joy Ride

Take a wildly entertaining ride and spend the day exploring the best parts of Provincetown. Then get dinner and a show.



I went on the beer tour 2 weeks ago. I have to say it was awesome. I learn a lot about beer I didn't know. everyone was so nice and the limo bus ride was fun we play games and got to sing and it was really nice to get to know new people. I really enjoy myself. I would recommend this to any beer lover like me you won't regret it

Angela Webb

Went with SIPS from Yarmouth to Ptown and back. Great chance to meet new people (I feel confident I could name everybody after the trip), have a culinary adventure, and experience local culture. Our meal at Karoo Kafe was a highlight, with the lively bus ride to and from coming in a close second. Highly recommended for individuals, couples, as well as groups - really all-around great time.

Christin Marshall

We had such a blast! It's so exciting to have something like this on the Cape. I love the party bus. Can't wait to book it again with some more friends!

Shaardasia Nicole Barbel

" I visit down The Cape every summer and never knew about the breweries. This was a cool experience. Roger is awesome and he really knows his beer! This was exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for."

Jeremy Dillard

" Finally something fun and different to do on the Cape! I am not much of club person, and as a local I was actually surprised to see this side of Cape Cod. I will definitely be returning to try another tour. "

Sarah Babbit

"As long as I’ve lived on the Cape I’ve never made my way out to P-Town. I am so glad this was the my first experience out there. We laughed the whole ride up there and saw an amazing show. I am beyond satisfied. Go Sips Cape Cod! "

Timmy Lawrence

"I tried out Sips Cape Cod because I loved the concept of the Irish Pub Tour. The guides were hilarious. I got in touch with my Irish roots and made some new friends. So Fun!"

Mattie Gallagher

"Our guides did a good job of shaking things up and showing us the beauty of Cape Cod. I like that they make safety as big a priority as having fun. I wanna check out one of their other tours with my 23 year old daughter. "

Sierra Humiston

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