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Chris Kelley

Chris Kelley is the owner of SIPS Cape Cod. 20 years of nursing in the Intensive care unit has shaped her vision is to provide a fun, safe alternative to drinking and driving.  Her tours highlight the culture of Cape Cod and entertain as well as educate guests on the local libation scene.   She is energetic and happy with a true love for people. She has traveled throughout the globe and is a firm believer in an entertaining journey. She is passionate to provide unparalleled service.  She has assembled a dynamic team to deliver a unique and genuine approach to personal care with that attention to detail that her guests will remember. Her compassion as a 20 year registered nurse is evident in her above and beyond business model. Her motto is Be Safe, Do Good, Have fun. So come aboard Sips Cape Cod. Take a journey with us through our towns. Enjoy our local beer and wine safaris. You are in safe hands.

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Roger Leary

Roger is a local legend… in his own mind anyway.   He grew up in Plymouth, traveled around the county and the world and now that he’s retired from the Air Force, he’s moved back to the area calling the Cape his home once again.   In addition to his military service, Roger has been a DJ for over 25 years entertaining crowds all over. Roger has been leading hiking, biking, kayaking and rafting tours for years. He knows how to please a crowd. He loves using music to entertain and help create a fun, welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. Tours with Roger are always memorable, always fun, and always worth repeating.

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Tatiana Rae

Tatiana Rae was born in São Paulo,Brazil and has been living on Cape Cod for over 15 years. She is fluent in both English and Portuguese. Many people consider her to be a very happy and friendly person. Her welcoming and laid back personality will instantly make you feel like you are right where you belong. She looks forward to providing a superior tour experience to both our English and Portuguese speaking guests


Bill Lange

A veteran of over 100 scientific expeditions, Bill has pioneered the development of new technologies to explore, observe and document the underwater world for over 30 years. He was among the first to use ultra-high-resolution systems for scientific imaging and documentary film making in the deep sea. Through his efforts, the public has been able to see the ocean in crystal clarity, which only a few people have experienced first hand. Bill's goal is to share with the public the excitement of science and exploration by providing high quality imagery for museums and documentaries. In fact, 25 years ago he created The Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory, (AIVL) to do just that. Now, under the tenet that observation is the cornerstone of science, Bill continues to gather unique images that advance our knowledge of the planet and tell the many fascinating stories of science. He is currently developing technologies, storylines and programming for 2D/3D HDTV/UHDTV, Full Dome and Immersive panoramic venues for presentation in science centers, museums and aquariums.Bill’s 30 year career at Woods Hole Oceanographic
Institute and his lifetime dedication to science make him an authority of the sea and science life here on Cape Cod. His unique tours combine local libations with an intimate education that a rare few can experience. It is like a documentary on wheels, with alcohol.

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Join our search for a new tour guide. Maybe it’s you! Fun, Free and upbeat applicants can email Christine here for more info: info@sipscapecod.com



Join our search for a new tour guide. Maybe it’s you! Fun, Free and upbeat applicants can email Christine here for more info: info@sipscapecod.com

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