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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a Party Bus?

We make it our business to create a fun-filled memorable experience, but to call this a “party bus” experience would be misleading. These are tours where each location brings an opportunity to learn, socialize and try something new. We keep you entertained with games, music, prizes and giveaways throughout the whole journey. So, while you do get to sample local craft beverages, drinking is not the central point of Sips Cape Cod. Having an authentic, fun, drama free and worry free Cape Cod experience is the goal.

Is “Being Safe” a primary part of these Tours?

We’re not going to shove the concept of safety down your throat, being responsible is our underlying theme in all of our experiences. We provide a safe enjoyable environment for enjoying a drink or two along with making new friends and learning about the Cape's local culture.

Where do we get to visit?

We have partnered with some of the best local establishments. Occasionally, we will have to change our itinerary due to the scheduling needs of our partners, but do not fret! All of our tours include a nice sampling of beverage tastings, a place for a bite to eat, and a scenic stop. In addition to touring we have an interactive experience on board with music, games, and prizes. Fun Fun Fun!!!!

Is there food included on the tour?

Yes! Each tour includes a meal served family style from a locally owned restaurant that we’ve hand picked for their commitment to good food made with fresh ingredients. We also provide water, soda and snacks on board the bus. You can always order additional drinks, appetizers or desserts. You will just have to cover these charges on an individual check.

Would Sips Cape Cod ever cancel a tour?

Possibly, if unsafe conditions arise. Sips Cape Cod reserves the right to cancel a tour to protect your safety and the safety of our crew. We need a minimum of 8 attendees to run a tour. If this threshold is not met, Sips Cape Cod may have to cancel the tour and you will be refunded or booked on an alternative tour- whichever you prefer. Your ticket will be

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