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  • Mini bar crawl in Provincetown

  • Enjoy Dinner & A Cocktail

  • Experience a Cabaret Show


  • Vibrant & Entertaining Tour Guides

Tour Plan Overview

Drag Wagon Joyride








$200 PP

Drag Wagon Joyride

Explore Provincetown in High Spirits & Style

All aboard!!! The Drag Wagon JoyRide has arrived. Join us for a night of fun and flair as we venture from Hyannis down to Provincetown. On this 5 hour trip you’ll get to spend the day in P-Town and experience the area like never before. 

Let us do the driving while you and your pals have a drink (or two!) You're in for a treat when you meet your lovely guide Steyonce who always gets the party started! Expect music, dancing, souvenir drag swag and VIP treatment! 

Drag Wagon Joyride

This Trip Will Be One For The Books

You are guaranteed a night to remember when you go on this wildly entertaining adventure. Embark on a trip to P-Town where you will go on a mini bar crawl and explore the quaint Cape Cod town. Your host will keep you moving and grooving as they escort you to the Illusions Drag revue located in the Crown Cabaret at the Crown & Anchor.

Have dinner and  a cocktail and enjoy VIP treatment at the Las Vegas style revue.  Witness how these women entertain, embrace and elevate the power of femininity. Hop on board the drag wagon and take your girl power to the “don’t give a damn” level.

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Angela Webb

I went on the beer tour 2 weeks ago. I have to say it was awesome. I learn a lot about beer I didn't know. everyone was so nice and the limo bus ride was fun we play games and got to sing and it was really nice to get to know new people. I really enjoy myself. I would recommend this to any beer lover like me you won't regret it

Angela Webb

Christin Marshall

Went with SIPS from Yarmouth to Ptown and back. Great chance to meet new people (I feel confident I could name everybody after the trip), have a culinary adventure, and experience local culture. Our meal at Karoo Kafe was a highlight, with the lively bus ride to and from coming in a close second. Highly recommended for individuals, couples, as well as groups - really all-around great time.

Christin Marshall

Shaardasia Nicole Barbel

We had such a blast! It's so exciting to have something like this on the Cape. I love the party bus. Can't wait to book it again with some more friends!

Shaardasia Nicole Barbel

Sarah Babbit

Finally something fun and different to do on the Cape! I am not much of club person, and as a local I was actually surprised to see this side of Cape Cod. I will definitely be returning to try another tour.

Sarah Babbit

Jeremy Dillard

I visit down the Cape every summer and never knew about the breweries. This was a cool experience. Roger is  awesome and he really knows his beer! This was exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for.

Jeremy Dillard

Mattie Gallagher

I tried out Sips Cape Cod because I loved the concept of the Irish Pub Tour. The guides were hilarious. I got in touch with my Irish roots and made some new friends. So Fun!

Mattie Gallagher

Sierra Humiston

Our guides did a good job of shaking things up and showing us the beauty of Cape Cod. I like that they make safety as big a priority as having fun. I wanna check out one of their other tours with my 23 year old daughter.

Sierra Humiston

Meet Our Tour Guides

You're in Safe Hands With This Fun Crazy Bunch


Bill Lange

A veteran of over 100 scientific expeditions, Bill has pioneered the development of new technologies to explore and document the underwater world for over 30 years.


Chris Kelley

Chris Kelley is the owner of SIPS Cape Cod. 20 years of nursing in the Intensive care unit has shaped her vision to provide a fun, safe alternative to drinking and driving.


Roger Leary

Roger has been a DJ for over 25 years entertaining crowds all over. He loves using music to entertain and help create a fun, welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. 



Join our search for a new tour guide. Maybe it’s you! Fun, Free and upbeat applicants can email Christine here for more info: info@sipscapecod.com

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